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Using job search engines is the latest trend in finding a new career. But what if you’re looking to move up in the workforce?

No other job search engines hunt down upper and executive-level careers only. targets the mid-career worker that wants to move up into a managerial or executive role. No matter the field – from business to health care to retail – the search results will reflect advanced opportunities. draws its results from more than 50,000 different employment boards. The job seeker, then, simply needs to enter a job title or search term and a location into the search boxes and the results will reflect many management careers in the field and area specified.

Another advantage of using is the price. Many job sites geared toward manager and executive-type careers charge a fee for positions advertised as being unique and hard-to-find. Can you find these jobs anywhere else? Most companies don’t keep their advancement opportunities a secret, and takes advantage of this. Rather than having users pay a fee for a listing of positions that can be found on other boards, is free. Feel secure by never having to give over credit card information to access the website.

No one needs to sign up to use, and no one is excluded. For those looking to advance in their careers, lists all possible opportunities for your skills. While business and health care management jobs are commonly sought after, many other fields, such as office work, property management, retail, and construction, all offer upper-level positions for those with a combination of education and experience.

Don’t stay stuck in the same position. If you have several years of experience in the workforce, strong leadership and communication skills, and education in your field, find a new job by using today.